October 3, 2021 - CBN News

Development Committee Update: September 2021

By: Joanna Vince

CBN Development Committee
Joanna Vince (Chair), Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers
James Cullen (Co-Chair), Golder
Taryn Glancy, Zibi Development
Melissa Walker, Kilmer Group
George Boire, Marsh
Carl Spensieri, Berkley Canada
Chris De Sousa, Ryerson University
James Tischler, Michigan Land Bank
Judy Lam, City of Hamilton

CBN’s Development Committee (DC) is responsible for raising the profile of developing brownfields as a first market choice for the real estate industry by advancing strategies and policies for overcoming barriers and unlocking opportunities associated with brownfield redevelopment in Canada.  The DC has had several engaging meetings since the last newsletter. 
We continue to search for additional members to help bring different perspectives to the Committee’s work.  Anyone interested in joining the DC is encouraged to reach out to Joanna Vince or James Cullen.

  • The DC is considering developing information sessions on:
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for government and market players, including those from technical, financial, and development sectors
  • The implementation of Excess Soils requirements from a developers perspective
  • The role of brownfields in creating affordable housing
  • We would appreciate feedback from members on these initiatives and any other topics that will help advance CBN’s brownfields-first mission.

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