October 2, 2021 - CBN News

Communications Committee Update: September 2021

By: Andrew Macklin

Like most of our committees, we had a quiet summer, as our team was out in the field working on brownfield projects across Canada.
This fall, we’ll be working all of our other committees to develop a comprehensive marketing and communications calendar for CBN. The calendar will allow to plan all of our marketing and communications activities, ensuring that you are getting updates from us in a timely fashion, but also never getting bombarded with too much information at once. This will also help everyone on our Board and committees plan better, knowing how best to fit in their CBN marketing and communications amongst their busy professional and personal schedules.

We’re also going to be working to find new content that we can add to the CBN website to provide better value to you, our members. We’ll be looking for government reports, changes in regulations, and other relevant industry news that will be valuable to share through our website. If you have any ideas for information that we could provide that would help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. I can be reached at andrew.macklin@wsp.com.

That’s it from me. I look forward to seeing you at the Brownie Awards!

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