May 1, 2018 - Newsletter

CBN Newsletter: May 2018



Hello Fellow CBNers,

It looks like an exciting year to come in terms of conferences, with the CBN Conference being an upcoming highlight of the year. The review of the progress made in 15 years since the NRTEE at our upcoming Conference is very exciting. A link to the survey is provided in this newsletter if you have not had a chance to provide input. The deadline for responses is May 11.

Our network continues the conversation of facilitating redevelopment of previously used sites and in particular the brownfields group within those. In this newsletter is a good summary of our activities and live links to related conferences. We also continue to feature our partners in this issue. We would welcome contributions of our corporate members and individual members. Happy reading and I hope to run into you at upcoming conferences.

Warm regards,

Berend Jan Velderman, Communications and Membership Committee Chair


Membership Renewal

CBN's 2018-2019 renewals have just gone out - have you renewed yet? If you have, thank you - we appreciate your support! If you haven't, please do so. This year will be an important one for CBN, as we revisit the NRTEE report at our 2018 Conference to see what progress we've made in the last 15 years and identify what remains to be done; for more on this, see below. Thank you for keeping CBN strong and for supporting the network!


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Contents this issue:

  • Welcome
  • CBN Twitter
  • CBN HUB Awards 2018
  • CBN Partner Events
  • CBN Conference 2018 - Plan Ahead!
  • CBN Updates
  • Committee Updates
  • Industry News
  • Membership Renewal Reminder
  • Join CBN
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  • Interested in Volunteering for CBN?
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CBN HUB Awards 2018

Do you know someone who has made, or is making, an important contribution to Canada's brownfield industry? Nominate them for a CBN HUB (Heroes Underpinning Brownfields) Award! The HUB Awards recognize members of the brownfield community who make the exceptional projects we see every day a possibility.

The HUB Awards are given in three categories, relating to the three stages of brownfielders' careers:

  • Foundation: Presented to a contributor to the brownfield industry in Canada who has had a profound impact on how things are done today. Their work has provided a Foundation upon which the current practices and policies have been based. This is a "career achievement" award
  • Pillar: Presented to a recipient who has proven to be a Pillar of Strength in a significant aspect of the brownfield industry in Canada. They continue to provide valuable expertise and influence into the policies and practices that we are employing. The Pillar award is a mid-career award
  • Vision: Presented to someone who is at an early stage in their career in the brownfield industry in Canada and who is already providing valuable insight into programs, policies or practices that will be improving how brownfield redevelopment in Canada is completed

To submit a nomination, visit our 2018 HUB Awards page.

What makes a HUB Award winner? Take a look at the 2017 winners to see.


CBN Partner Events

BC Environmental Industry Association's Bettering Environmental Stewardship and Technology (BEST) 2018

BCEIA's BEST Conference attracts Environmental Professionals every May for two days of technical sessions, networking opportunities, and a sponsor exhibition. Conference registration includes a welcome reception, technical sessions, panel discussions, an off-site networking reception, and all meals and coffee breaks.

Please note that BCEIA is extending its members rate to CBN members; when registering, please check the "BCEIA Member" button. For further information, please visit

Real Property Institute of Canada's 2018 Federal Contaminated Sites Workshop

The RPIC Federal Contaminated Sites National Workshop is the leading professional development workshop for federal and industry environmental professionals involved in the management and remediation of federal contaminated sites. It will be held in Toronto June 14-15, 2018, with workshops taking place June 13. Registration is now open and the schedule has been posted; please click here for more details.


CBN 2018 Conference

CBN Conference 2018 - an Opportunity to Affect the State of Brownfields

In this year's Conference, along with popular sessions such as the Cross-country Check-up, we'll be revisiting the NRTEE report to evaluate progress 15 years on and identify areas where further work is required. CBN has commissioned a survey to review the NRTEE's 13 major recommendations and see how far we've come and what is yet to do. You can complete the survey at

Plan to join us Wednesday, June 13, 2018 as we unveil the results of the survey and a companion study on the state of brownfield incentives across Canada, and get ready to offer your feedback as we set the direction for the future. This will be an interactive working session, with plenty of opportunities for discussion with your peers from all sectors of the industry. Early bird registration (a saving of $50 off the regular rate) is now open on the website; for an overview of the Conference, please click here.


CBN Updates

You're probably aware of the alleged curse, "May you live in interesting times." Well, the next few years should be interesting times indeed for Canada's brownfield community and we, at CBN, are working hard to ensure it doesn't equate to a curse! Certainly, this is an interesting time - in a good way - for me as your President. Consider:

  • We've undertaken a survey jointly with Ryerson University to revisit the 2003 National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) report. We're reaching out to members, non-members and brownfield stakeholders to find out how implementation of the report's recommendations have affected brownfield redevelopment, what challenges remain from 2003, what new challenges might have arisen, and what respondents feel should be done to move the brownfield agenda in Canada forward. If you haven't participated in the survey yet, please do so at
  • Complementary to the survey, we've commissioned a Ryerson planning studio group to compile an inventory of brownfield policies and regulatory frameworks across the country. We expect this will be a useful tool for our members and can also show different governments what their peers are doing to encourage brownfield redevelopment
  • All of this is building to our 2018 Conference, "National Brownfield Summit: Charting the Future". In addition to our regular content, we'll be having a presentation of the survey and inventory and then breaking into discussion groups to talk about the results and identify a range of steps that can be taken to continue to ensure that brownfields are Canada's preferred option for development. Following this, we'll reconvene as a large group and decide on our next steps. This is a critical agenda item for CBN, as it will help determine our activities in the next few years in advancing the brownfield agenda
  • After the Conference, we will begin our work to keep things moving - liaising with regulators and other governmental stakeholders, and engaging with various communities (developers, financiers, consultants, etc.) to keep brownfields front and centre, and make their redevelopment much easier and smoother

For all of this, we need your support. Here are some things you can do:

  • If you were a CBN member last year, please renew your membership for 2018-19
  • If you aren't a CBN member, consider joining us
  • Complete our survey, so we have a broad sampling of opinion across all sectors and provinces
  • Register for the Conference so you can participate in the important discussions about the future of brownfields in Canada
  • Consider joining one of our Committees, all of whom will have action items arising from the Conference discussions
  • Talk about CBN and our activities to your networks to increase awareness of our role in moving the brownfield agenda forward

As always, thank you for your support of CBN and the brownfield agenda; together, we can achieve some important things!

D. Grant Walsom - President, CBN


CBN Committee Updates

CBN Government Relations Committee Report:

The Government Relations Committee continues its outreach to provincial ministries. At these meetings, the Committee will review the:

  • CBN Purpose, Vision, Mission and Goal
  • CBN Government Relations Committee Mandate and Responsibilities.
  • CBN Guiding Principles in support of Brownfield Redevelopment, and listening to feedback.
  • Outlining what CBN's understands to be key barriers to brownfield redevelopment.

CBN is seeking to understand:

  • Process / organizational structure for how government agencies / ministries work together internally and work externally with stakeholders.
  • Process for identifying barriers, developing solutions, implementing processes
  • The engagement with municipalities to promote sustainable urban development and combat climate change.
  • Involvement/role of industry, private stakeholders.
  • Potential support / direct involvement for CBN.
  • Understand the top barriers to Brownfield redevelopment, and the plans to address, remove, or reduce these barriers.
  • Understand the uptake of programs/tools that encourage brownfield redevelopment.

The Committee is also looking to refine its mandate, to better work with the Technical Advisory Committee.

2017 - 18 Membership:

  • Chris De Sousa, Ryerson University
  • Ellen Greenwood, Greenwood & Associates
  • Harm Gross, Next Environmental Inc.
  • John Georgakopoulos, Willms & Shier
  • Rob Hoffman, Canadian Fuels Association
  • Bonnie Prior, Royal LePage


CBN Finance & Insurance Committee Report:

The Committee is focusing, in the short term, on a lender update at its next meeting. Members expect that there will be useful information from the NRTEE +15 update at this year's CBN Conference, and that it will provide a jumping-off point for future initiatives.

2017 - 18 Membership

  • George Boire, Marsh Canada (Past Chair)
  • James Evans, RBC
  • Andrew Himel, Kilmer Brownfields Equity Fund
  • Joanna Vince, Willms & Shier (Chair)
  • Carl Spensieri, Berkley Canada
  • Angus Ross, L and A Concepts
  • James Cullen, Golder Associates


CBN Technical Advisory Committee Report:

The CBN Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) last met November 29, 2017. TAC discussed recent and upcoming regulatory changes. Ontario had planned to release the Excess Soil Regulation in January 2018, but this has not subsequently occurred. Once implemented, there will be a transition period. Ontario has also changed the Conceptual Site Model (CSM) process to require the CSM to be submitted before the Pre-submission Form for Risk Assessment. BC has implemented stage 10 and 11 of the Contaminated Sites Regulation amendments and is conducting training by way of webinars on the changes.

Alberta has introduced a Risk Management Plan Guide that outlines the province's policy for the development of risk management plans (RMPs). The focus of the Guide is management of contamination by controlling exposure to receptors; RMPs are required for sites where ongoing monitoring has been conducted in the past.

TAC 2017-18 Membership:

  • Monisha Nandi (ON) - Chair
  • Chris Brown (AB) - Vice Chair and Secretary
  • Al Durand (ON) - Past TAC Chairman  Members at large: Peter Reid (BC), Alan McCammon (BC), Vijay Kallur (BC), David Flynn (ON), Rene DeVries (ON), Mike Grinnell (ON), Monique Punt (ON), John Georgakopoulos (ON), Martin Beaudoin (QC), John Henderson (NS).

Chris Brown - Vice Chair and Secretary, CBN Technical Advisory Committee


CBN Communications & Membership Committee Report:

The Committee continues to build CBN's following on social media with positive results - our total engagement rate for 2018 to date is 1.2% and, on average, our tweets have been seen 250 times a day - a total of about 22,700 impressions so far this year. Thanks to everyone who supports us on Twitter!

Membership renewals were sent out in late March - thanks to everyone who has renewed so far; if you haven't yet had the opportunity to do so, please renew your CBN membership! We have some major projects this year, and your support is essential in our efforts to continue to move the brownfield agenda forward in Canada.

The Committee continues its review of the CBN website to update existing content and identify opportunities to add new pages/content - if there is anything you would like to see on the website, please contact David Petrie ( We're also looking at ways of engaging with university students interested in brownfields.

2017 - 18 Membership

  • Berend Jan Velderman, Golder Associates Ltd., Chair
  • Isaël Poirier, FCM
  • Guillaume Couillard, FCM
  • Erin Fehr, Rice Group
  • Brennah McKirdy, Golder Associates Ltd.
  • Grant Walsom, XCG Consulting (ex-officio)
  • David Petrie, CBN Staff

Finally, if you know someone who might be interested in receiving CBN communications but may not yet be ready for membership, please send them to our "Contact" page, where they can sign up to our mailing list.

Berend Jan Velderman - Chairperson, Communications Committee


Industry News

If you haven't been following us on Twitter (@CdnBrownfields) or aren't a member of our LinkedIn Group, you've missed a lot. Here are some highlights:

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  • mid-March
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  • mid-December

Twitter and LinkedIn items are posted the day they're received. If you have news for us, please submit it to Thanks for your support of CBN!


Member Profile - Golder Associates

Who We Are

Renowned for technical excellence, Golder is a leading, global employee-owned engineering and consulting firm with over a half century of successful service to its clients. Golder started in Canada, with now over 165 offices in over 30 countries, Golder's 6,500 professionals are driven by a passion to deliver results, offering unique specialized skills to address the ever-evolving challenges that earth, environment and energy present to clients across the infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and power sectors. Golder is not just a place to work, it is a promise of a living, dynamic environment where people collaborate, innovate, build enduring relationships, excel, and grow professionally in a strong culture of ownership.

Our Experience Working with Land Developers

Golder is a trusted source for environmental assessment and engineering services for land developers. We apply more than 50 years of experience and have helped remediate and redevelop land throughout Canada and the world. This includes turning acreage surrounding an explosives factory in Melbourne, Australia into a thriving suburb, complete with schools, businesses, and open space; and transforming contaminated land, including U.S. Superfund sites, into business parks, golf courses, and even wetlands. In Canada we have participated in the redevelopment of city centers from coast to coast. Whether your development is a greenfield or a brownfield site, Golder works closely with our clients' team during the planning and design phase by providing detailed ground investigations and associated site characterization studies. Through our integrated service approach, we will provide your team with information about the site and options for approvals and construction. Our local knowledge of the physical and regulatory environments, combined with our worldwide experience, allows us to focus on solving your planning and design challenges.

Services to the Land Development Industry

Golder services private and public land owners and developers with comprehensive, sustainable, cost-effective and customized geotechnical, environmental (including air and noise, archaeology, ecology, contaminated site guidance), development, construction management and social solutions. Our mission is to help you assess, acquire, design, permit, develop, manage, close, demolish or sell your assets. Identifying and understanding the potential project challenges, risks and liabilities, above and below the ground, is vital for commercial, industrial, residential or recreational owners, developers and financiers. Our team will provide a tailored approach to your specific engineering and science needs.

Our Team at Your Service

From coast to coast, we have technical specialists to serve your needs and solve your biggest challenges.

Belinda Culgin Halifax, NS +1 (902) 466 1668
Scott Conrod Halifax, NS +1 (902) 466-1668
Christian Gosselin Montreal, QC +1 (514) 383-9168
Eric Wilson Ottawa, ON +1 (613) 592-9600
Mike Cleverdon Whitby, ON +1 (905) 723-2727
Jillian Mitton Calgary, AB +1 (403) 299-4632
Robert McLenehan Vancouver, BC +1 (604) 296-4250

For more information, please visit the Golder website.


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CBN Corporate Members

  • ALS Laboratories
  • Arcadis Canada Inc.
  • BC Ministry of Environment
  • Canadian Fuels Association
  • EnGlobe Corp.
  • ERIS
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • Geosyntec Consultants International Inc.
  • Golder Associates
  • Groundwater Environmental Management Services
  • HEMMERA Envirochem
  • Imperial Oil
  • Kilmer Brownfield Equity Fund
  • Milestone Environmental Contracting
  • Priestly Demolition Inc.
  • Stantec Consulting Ltd.
  • Terrapex Environmental Ltd.
  • Walker Environmental
  • Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
  • Vertex Environmental
  • XCG Consulting Ltd.


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