June 15, 2018 - CBN News

CBN 2018 Brownfields Summit Reports


In June 2018, CBN was proud to present Canada's first-ever Brownfields Summit.  During this exciting day, participants heard presentations on:

  • The state of brownfield regulations across the country and how well those regulations are serving stakeholders, including the public and
  • An update on the National Round Table on the Economy and the Environment (NRTEE) 2003 report, 15 years later

This was followed by a series of break-out sessions to map out the future for brownfields in Canada.  Participants showed great awareness of the issues and areas where progress is still required, and came up with some very key ideas on how we can advance the brownfields agenda in the next few years.

The report of the findings was presented at the Brownie Awards Gala on November 21, 2018.  Click on the links below to download the relevant materials:

On behalf of CBN, we extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who worked on and contributed to the reports.  In addition to all the participants in the break-out groups, we'd like to acknowledge the following:

  • Dr. Chris De Sousa, MCIP, RPP, Ryerson University School of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Reanne Ridsdale, Ryerson University PhD Candidate
  • Isabel Lima, Ryerson University
  • Megan Easton, Ryerson University
  • Ryerson University School of Urban and Regional Planning PLG 620 Team:
    • Kristian Caubalejo
    • Erick Delaurentis
    • Kevin Feng
    • Kaveen Fernando
    • Pavel Kopec
    • Brian Le
    • Yang Lin
    • Joshua Preetam
    • Anthony Price
    • David Sturgeon
    • Shemari Sundiata
    • Duncan Witchel

Funding for these reports was provided by CBN with matching funds from Mitacs, a non-profit national research organization that funds research programs for students in partnership with universities, industry, non-profits and government in Canada.

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