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April 4 CBN Webinar


Breaking Down Barriers: Communicating the Benefits of Brownfields


Join us for an informative webinar on communicating the benefits of brownfields, that will include:

- from a grassroots perspective

- from a development perspective

- from a municipal perspective

If you are a practitioner or stakeholder that wants to dig deeper below the surface of brownfields redevelopment, this webinar is for you. Topics will include ‘how-tos’ for innovative community engagement, using storytelling techniques to effectively pitch your project, convincing politicians on the benefits of brownfield community improvement plans and tailoring your outreach strategy. This webinar will help you reimagine your brownfields roadmap and overcome opposition and move your brownfield program to success with transferable and timely approaches.his webinar will use case studies to explore how municipalities and the private sector are working together to deliver affordable housing while supporting the reuse of brownfield properties, addressing two important public policy objectives. The lessons learned will benefit the spectrum of stakeholders working to deliver affordable housing, as well as, brownfield practitioners, including municipal leaders, developers, and the range of consultants that collectively work to achieve the desired outcomes. 

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