1.0 The Retreat Of The Industrial Glacier: A Vast New Terrian Of Availability - Ken Greenberg

2.1 Regulatory Updates British Columbia’s Site Remediation Regime - Alan W. McCammon

2.2 Alberta Brownfields Update - Lisa Fairweather

2.3 Brownfields Modernization Proposed Amendments to Ontario’s Brownfields Regulation - Dean Therrien

2.4 Cross-country panel news from « la belle province » - Guillaume Couillard

3.1 Trying to Smart “in-up” and Cleanup our act: Tracking brownfields redevelopment outcomes using Ontario’s RSCs - Chris De Sousa

3.2 Rebuilding the City: Using Brownfields to Close the Social Inequality Gap - Reanne Ridsdale

3.4 Bacteria and Thermal Remediation - Paul Furbacher, Brent Sleep

4.0 Recent Developments in Contaminated Sites Case Law - Janet Bobechko

5.1 Municipal Innovations in Brownfield Redevelopment - Stephanie Bohdanow

5.2 Toronto Port Lands Community Based Risk Assessment - Meggen Janes

5.3 Small Community Brownfield Program - Karen St. Martin

6.1 Novel Adsorptive Method for Chlorinated Solvent Remediation - Bruce Tunnicliffe

6.2 Self-Sustaining Active Remediation (STAR) for Contaminated Soils or Liquid Waste - Todd McAlary

6.3 In Situ Soil Stabilization - Yvo Veenis

6.4 Data Visualization and Analysis Tools for Brownfield Re-development - Diana Saccone

6.5 Tools and Methods to Reduce Uncertainties Associated with the Use of In Situ Remediation Techniques for Organic Contaminants in Soil and Groundwater - Jean Paré

7.1 CBN Award Winning Projects where they are now - Doug Webber

7.2 Sydenham Pearl Brownfield Remediation Project - Ed Taves, Joshua Schram

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