We are thrilled to announce the winners of the prestigious Brownfield HUB Awards 2023, honoring the remarkable individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and are making a significant contribution to the progress of brownfield redevelopment in Canada.


Monique Punt, Principal, MPunt Environmental Consulting

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Monique Punt, a distinguished Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. Monique's extensive expertise spans a wide range of environmental technologies, management practices, legislation, and policies in areas such as contaminated sites, brownfield redevelopment, environmental emergency response, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change.

Throughout her remarkable career, Monique has played an instrumental role in propelling the contaminated site and brownfield industry forward. Her dedication and visionary leadership have been pivotal in driving innovation and progress in these fields over the past three decades.

Monique's contributions have been far-reaching, and she has left a lasting mark on the industry. She has developed brownfield guidance and roadmaps that have served as essential resources across the country. Some notable achievements include the creation of Provincial and Territorial Brownfield Roadmaps, the Brownfield Inventory Guidebook for LiBRE, Sustainable Remediation Information Sheets, the Brownfield Sustainability Snapshot Brochure, and the review of Canadian and international brownfield incentive programs, culminating in the development of a best practice summary.

Moreover, Monique's dedication to showcasing the positive impact of brownfield redevelopment extends beyond technical aspects. She has taken the initiative to develop success stories that highlight the socio-economic and indigenous benefits resulting from these projects. By emphasizing the broader value and positive transformations, Monique has brought greater attention to the importance of brownfield redevelopment in building sustainable and inclusive communities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to Monique for her outstanding achievements and the lasting impact she has made. Her expertise, dedication, and visionary approach have not only shaped the brownfield industry but also contributed to the broader goal of environmental sustainability and social progress.

HUB Awards Lead Coordinator, Tanisha Monster (Milestone Environmental Contracting), Conference Co-Chair, Meggen Janes (Geosyntec), and Foundation Award sponsor rep Rob Hoffman (Canadian Fuels Association), accepting the award on behalf of Monique.



Monique Punt

Jennifer Volpato, District Engineer, Ontario Ministry of the Environment

We are thrilled to announce Jennifer Volpato as the distinguished recipient of this year's Pillar Award in recognition of her unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions to the Brownfield industry in Canada. The Pillar Award honors individuals who have proven themselves to be a Pillar of Strength, providing indispensable expertise and influence in shaping the policies and practices that drive our work.

With over two decades of experience in the field, Jennifer serves as the District Engineer of the Guelph office of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Her impressive career path includes serving as a Regional Hydrogeologist in Hamilton and as District Engineer in both the Peterborough and Niagara District Offices.

Jennifer's influence extends beyond her roles within the Ministry. She plays a pivotal role in identifying policy and regulatory needs within the brownfield redevelopment process. Her sound advice and feedback have proven invaluable in helping others navigate the complexities of brownfield redevelopment, ensuring that projects adhere to the highest standards of environmental protection.

In addition to her role as an advisor and policy advocate, Jennifer goes above and beyond to mentor and support the next generation of professionals in the industry. Through guest lecturing and sharing her extensive knowledge, she empowers aspiring experts and equips them with the tools they need to succeed in the challenging field of brownfield redevelopment.

Jennifer's leadership is further showcased through her engaging presentations and her willingness to share knowledge not only within the Ministry but also with stakeholders outside the organization. Her passion for finding solutions to brownfield challenges and her steadfast commitment to upholding environmental protection make her a true champion in the field.

Jennifer's valuable insights and expertise have made her an integral part of the brownfield space. She embodies the essence of the Pillar Award, providing a solid foundation for the industry's growth and progress.




Jennifer Volpato, with Pillar Award sponsor rep Tom Li (Parsons).




Melissa Walker, Director, Development, Kilmer Brownfield Equity Fund

We are delighted to announce that Melissa Walker has been awarded the prestigious Vision Award for her exceptional contributions to the field of brownfield redevelopment in Canada. This award recognizes Melissa as a visionary leader who has continuously demonstrated creative leadership in shaping programs, policies, and practices that enhance the landscape of brownfield redevelopment in the country.

With an impressive career spanning 17 years in urban planning and brownfield redevelopment, Melissa has played a pivotal role in numerous major projects across Canada. Currently serving as the Development Director at Kilmer, Melissa spearheads strategic direction and oversees the redevelopment cycle of the Fund's real estate portfolio. Her responsibilities include investment analysis, acquisition due diligence, project design, negotiating municipal approvals and agreements, and stakeholder engagement.

Melissa's commitment to stakeholder engagement is particularly commendable. She actively participates in various meetings, workshops, and roundtables, providing her extensive knowledge and guidance to discuss key issues surrounding brownfields. Her contributions have helped drive progress by identifying critical challenges, supporting innovative solutions, and fostering collaborative efforts to develop joint submissions to governments.

The Vision Award is a testament to Melissa's outstanding achievements and her role as a trailblazer in advancing the field of brownfield redevelopment in Canada. Her leadership, creativity, and forward-thinking have been instrumental in shaping the industry and inspiring others to push the boundaries of what is possible.



Melissa Walker, with Vision Award sponsor rep David Fisher (Fisher Engineering).





Congratulations to Monique, Jennifer, and Melissa for all their past and ongoing contributions to the brownfield industry. Stay tuned for the 2024 HUB Award Nominations!

About the Artist - Freddy Taylor

'I just let my Creator guide me,' Freddy Taylor, 76, says of his colourful artwork.

Freddy Taylor is an Anishnaabe artist from Curve Lake First Nation. At age 6, he was kidnapped and taken to the Mohawk Institute in Brantford, Ontario. He was constantly beaten and abused for speaking Anishnaabemowin and practicing his culture. They tried to beat the culture out of him.

At 16, he returned to Curve Lake First Nation and in dealing with the horror of Residential School trauma and abuse, he turned to alcohol, drugs and crime, eventually ending up incarcerated.

Today, Freddy is on a path back to strength and Anishanaabe pride by painting his healing journey.

Freddy is a Residential School Survivor and a beautiful example of Indigenous strength and healing.

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