Don Carey, Senior Principal and Senior Hydrogeologist at Stantec

In his work, Don is involved in the management and coordination of large multi-disciplined contaminated site/brownfield projects across Canada, including Northern Canada, and the United Kingdom. In this role, Don is responsible for the development, quality review and maintenance of Stantec’s Canadian Standard Operating Procedures for Contaminated Site Assessment. Don has been dedicated to the profession of Engineering for over 40 years and has solved or been part of engineering/ brownfield solutions for many of Stantec’s most challenging contaminated site/brownfield projects for nearly half a century. He has made it his mission to engage with environmental professionals to make sure his knowledge is transferred to others, often times at the expense of his time. It is not uncommon to see a line of people outside his door seeking his technical input on a range of environmental projects.


Prasoon Ashikari, City of Guelph

Prasoon has been a leader in brownfield-focused initiatives within the City and sharing lessons learned from Guelph’s experience with other municipalities through various organizations, and a committee volunteer for the Canadian Brownfields Network (CBN) annual conference. It is in large part because of the leadership demonstrated by Prasoon that the City was one of the first municipalities to implement Public Sector Accountability Standards Board contaminated site liability reporting (PS 3260) by completing Class 4 or 5 cost estimates for the City-owned contaminated or historical landfill sites as early as 2016. He was also instrumental in creating the City’s first ‘Guidelines for Development of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites’ (Guidelines).


Bruce Tunnicliffe, President of Vertex Environmental Inc.

Bruce realized that there was a significant need for a specialized environmental contracting firm that could implement practical in-situ remediation technologies based on solid scientific and engineering principles. This motivated him to found Vertex Environmental Inc. in 2003.  Since that time he has lead the effort in fulfilling this crucial brownfield industry need by completing almost 1,000 remediation projects to date, covering all aspects related to designing and implementing remediation solutions for Brownfield sites. In addition, Bruce’s inquisitive nature has instilled an environment within Vertex that encourages on-going research and development on everything from new remedial amendments to novel application techniques using an in-house testing laboratory combined with field trials.

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