Brownies FAQ

We thought it would be useful to post answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who can submit a Brownie nomination?


Any organization involved in brownfield redevelopment in Canada can submit a nomination - municipalities, utilities, developers, consultants, property owners, non-governmental organizations, regulators, etc. - either on behalf of someone else or for its own work.

What are the categories?
  • REPROGRAM: Legislation, Policy & Procurement
  • REMEDIATE: Sustainable Remediation & Technological Innovation
  • REINVEST: Financing, Risk Management & Partnerships
  • REBUILD: Redevelopment at the Local, Site Scale
  • RENEW: Redevelopment at the Community Scale
  • REACH OUT: Communications, Marketing & Public Engagement
  • Brownfielder of the Year
For further information on the categories, please click here.

Does the project/program I nominate have to meet all the detailed criteria?

Nominated projects/programs should meet the majority of the criteria for the category in which they're nominated. However, we recognize that outstanding performance in one area can outweigh criteria a project/program doesn't address. In addition, it is rare for a nominated project to score ten out of ten on each of the relevant criteria. We encourage you to nominate a project, even if it doesn't, in your opinion, address all the criteria in its category. 

I think my nomination is in the correct category, but what happens if I'm wrong?

The awards judges have the ability to change the category of a nomination if they feel the project/program fits better in another category. They may either make the change themselves or, if they think the nomination should be rewritten to better address the criteria for the new category, ask you to re-submit.

Does the project/program have to involve a CBN member, either as manager/leader or part of the team?

In a word, no. Nominations are open to everyone involved in Canadian brownfield redevelopment.

Have there been major changes in the Awards, now that CBN and Actual Media are handling them?

Slight wording changes have been made to the criteria for the REBUILD (local, site scale) and RENEW (community scale) awards. However, if you could have nominated a project/program last year, you can nominate it this year. We have also streamlined the nominations process to make it easier to submit a project. First round nominations are due by Friday, September 18.  If your nomination is short-listed, we will contact you to request further information regarding the project, which we will need to receive by October 14.  

What is the cost to submit a nomination?

Effective with the 2018 Awards, there is no nomination fee.

When are nominations due?

2020 nominations are now open and the final due date for the preliminary round is Friday, September 18, 2020.  They can be submitted to Grant Walsom by email at or by fax to (519) 741-5627.  The nomination form for Programs or Projects is available here, and the form for Brownfielder of the Year can be found here.

What is the judging process for the awards?

Starting in 2020, we changed to a two-stage judging process. First-round nominations, based on a simplified preliminary nomination, are due September 18 and judging will take place in late September. Shortlisted projects/programs will be invited to submit a more detailed form along with supporting exhibits, by October 14. The winners will be selected and announced at the Brownie Awards Gala.

What recognition is given to nominated projects?

The list of short-listed projects/programs will be published on the Brownies website ( and the CBN website ( Additionally, they will be posted to and distributed through its ReNewsletter digital media eBlast.

Winners will have the opportunity to give a short overview of their projects at the Brownie Awards Gala, and will receive an original piece of art, handcrafted by Floyd Elzinga. They will also be able to include “Brownie Award winner” and CBN/Brownie Awards branding in their marketing and communications. A short description of the winning projects will also be posted on the CBN website.

What are the criteria for the Brownfielder of the Year?

The Brownfielder of the Year award is given to recognize an outstanding individual in the industry.

When are the 2020 Awards being held?

The 2020 Brownies are being held Tuesday, November 24 at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto, 75 Lower Simcoe Street, Toronto. To join us as a sponsor or purchase tickets, please contact Nick Krukowski of Actual Media by email or by phone at (416) 444-5842, ext. 111.

Do you have more questions about the Award process?

If you have any questions about the process or criteria, please contact Grant Walsom of CBN; you can also call him at 519-741-5774 ext. 7246.



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